Sunday, June 27, 2010

Time Keeps Flying By

Tyler and I have been sick the past few days. It's a huge bummer when you're trying to soak in your last days somewhere, but así es la vida. We leave this Wednesday evening. Two and a half days. Here's what we've been up to this past week.

We visited Tigre with our friends David and Kim and our new friend who's name I can't remember (sorry!). Here's Tyler looking dapper in his new fadora.

Tigre is a bit like Venice with lots of walter channels. You get around primarily by boat. Don't jump, Ella! Don't jump!

They have parks in Tigre too. Nothing makes my girl happier than a slide.

Except maybe a swing...

Huddling 'round the stroller. Me, Tyler, David, Kim, and Ella.

Chau, Tigre. The train that runs between BsAs and Tigre takes about an hour. And only costs $1.35. That's Argentine pesos, too. Muy barato!

We had dinner with David, Kim, Naoko, and Henry at a Peruvian restaraunt. They had fabulous ceviche and roast chicken. We've been so blessed to have friend here. David and Kim (whom we know from the States through Lindy Hop) are taking a year long trip around the world. Henry and Naoko live here in BsAs and are fabulous tango dancers and very fun to dine with.

Here's me and my yoga instructor, Gabriel. He's from Columbia and has a fabulous accent. He's also a stickler for *perfect* alignment in each pose. I could get sore with him in child's pose. It's good for me.

After tango class on Wednesday, we got to hit one of our favorite cafes one last time...Cumanas. This, my friends, is cazuela. So. Very. Good.

I'll try to squeeze in a post about our trip to see the ballet at Teatro Colon. The cheap seats there mean you can't actually see the stage from your seat. Whoops!

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