Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eleven Mile Canyon 7/29/11

It's been almost a year since our last post. There's no excuse. But we'll try harder to get things online this next year.

Camping is so good for the soul. It's hard to do with a wee one. But it's so beneficial to our family. Worth fighting for. It's good to pee outside. It's good to smell like campfire. It's good to teach Ella all these essential camp things. It's good to get dirty, chase chipmunks, and sleep outside.

We often choose Eleven Mile Canyon because it is only an hour away. We spent last night in a primitive site, far from anyone else. It was a quiet night with gentle wind and short time of rain.

A "Chickmunk" sighting.

Trying to coax it out of its hole with chips.

The view from our tent.

Freezing River. Freezing.

Our yearly Throw-The-Pooch-In.