Sunday, June 13, 2010

A picture Blog of Boca

To cross another thing off the list, today we visted Boca. Boca is a barrio of Buenos Aires known for a couple things: Color, is one. As you can see.

Every restaruant has a performer (or performers). Musisians, tango dancers...oodles of entertainment.

Ella enjoyed trying on hats while Tyler looked for his fedora.

And then she flirted with the salesman.

The second thing Boca is famed for is futbol. The Boca Juniors, more specifically. Here Tyler and Pea are at the ginormous Boca Juniors stadium.

Futbol is a HUGE deal here.


Yes, I'm pretty sure this is Paron, Evita, and Diego Maradona.

Here's Maradona's start at the stadium.

Tango is a big deal too...

And here's some fake laundry hanging to dry. Random, I know.

For lunch we had (drum roll) choripan!

The barrio of Boca once tried to form there one republic. The national army put a quick stop to it. But often it's still referred to as the Republic of Boca.

Hola and chau!

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