Saturday, June 5, 2010

Puerto Madero and Choripan

It was a gorgeous, sunny day today and we had one thing on our minds...choripan. Tyler has been talking at choripan for the past couple weeks. We quested for some during the Independence Day festivities, but didn't find any. But I happened across another expat's blog documenting his search for the best choripan in Buenos Aires. Entonces, we quested.

We ventured to the area of town called Puerto Madero. Although still in the heart of Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero is like a completely different city. It's the newest and certainly the glossiest barrio. Huge skyrises that scream luxury. And it's quiet. There's hardly any traffic. Buses don't run through and there's no Subte stop in the barrio. It's a place you could park your Mercedes overnight in the street if you wanted.

Strolling the now defunct ports and watching yaghts bob around in the water, is really not a bad way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.

An ecological preserve runs the length of Puerto Madero. It's a nice place to hike or run or bike. Along the preserve many vedors like this one below sell choripan, hambergesas, and other grilled goods.

But this was the place the blogger recommended. Alameda Sur. All of those people you see are actually in line. We knew we'd found the right place.

This expat blogger I found really knew his choripan. Nothing healthy about it, but it was worth the splurge. The bread was perfectly toasted on the outside and soft on the inside. The chorizo was perfectly cooked. And the condiments were a great addition.

Tyler was ever so happy.

We probably won't be hungry for a few days now.

Lest food coma set in, we decided to stroll through a park with an open air market.

I thought this was funny. Yerba mate is such an obsession here. People carry around with them thermoses of hot water so they can refill their teas throughout the day. You frequently see hot water stations like these where you can get a refill. I've tried to like the stuff, but not being a big tea person to begin with, our relationship was doomed from the start.

And of course we had to stop and play in a park. Hey there blue eyes!

Most of the nice parks here also have a carousel that the little ones can ride on for two pesos. Ella loves them. Chau, chau!


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