Friday, June 18, 2010

Iguazu Photos

I just realized I never posted pictures of our trip to Iguazu. We've been so busy crossing things off our list, I suppose. But, alas, here they are. It was a rainy day when we visited the park, so the pictures are a bit soggy. Keep in mind that our pictures don't do the falls justice. The power, the roar, the extreme wild beauty was so hard to adequately capture on film.

Here's a bit of back ground on Los Cataratas del Iguazu care of wikipedia: The waterfall system consists of 275 falls along 2.7 kilometers (1.67 miles) of the Iguazu River. Position is at latitude (DMS): 25° 40' 60 S, longitude (DMS): 54° 25' 60 W . Some of the individual falls are up to 82 meters (269 ft) in height, though the majority are about 64 metres (210 ft). The Devil's Throat (Garganta del Diablo in Spanish or Garganta do Diabo in Portuguese), a U-shaped, 82-meter-high, 150-meter-wide and 700-meter-long (490 by 2300 feet) cataract, is the most impressive of all, and marks the border between Argentina and Brazil. Two thirds of the falls are within Argentine territory.

We only visited the Argentina side.

It was wet. Ella tolerated the rain and her glorified trash bag. Bless her.

To get to the Devil's Throat, you walk about 1 km over a series of bridges over the river.

Ella got very scared. It was loud and wet. Poor baby burst into tears and started crying, "Go home! Go home!"

Tyler and I rewrote and declared our wedding vows here. This trip was our anniversary celebration.

Ella did love the hammock at the hostel!


  1. These pictures are wonderful. What a perfect place to renew your vows. P.S. As if you don't already know Ella is adorable!

  2. I finally view the pictures today. You are a great photographer. Took me back a couple of months to our visit. Thanks for the pics as mine did not turn out and never received the pictures the man from Canada was going to send. He must have lost out E-mail address.